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Rackspace was working against the clock to enable

an entire new experience for its  customers. Cole

Humphreys, Product Marketing Manager at Rackspace

describes how we developed  an app built for a

Windows 8 style UI with excellent UX in record time.


COPsync needed to develop an HD Software
Driven Video System. Making Sense created
VidTac, a software enabling police to cut costs,
storage vast amounts of HD video and record
directly to laptop’s hard drive.

With Making Sense’s help, during its first year of
operation, AMD’s new partner portal generated $5
million in savings and operational efficiencies.
Also, they improved communication with vendors
and marketing tools.

The goal was building a loyal base of customers
to stay in touch with Souper Salad via email and
inform them of specials. With Making Sense’s
help over 100,000 members of the Fresh Club
received periodical information.

The challenge of this project was adapting the
applications to the new billing and collection
system. The Scooter Store’s migration process
generated savings due to receiving payments
from Medicare faster.

Making Sense provided marketers with a
fully-functional, self-contained, landing page
platform focused in UX that enabled online
marketers to create their own landing pages with
drag and drop simplicity.

The goal was to create a new version of Doppler,
a user-friendly Email Marketing app with excellent
UX/UI design to create, analyze & optimize Email
Marketing campaigns in a simple, and effective

Making Sense assisted DELL to automate its
emailing process making shipping confirmation
easy and simple. DELL met business rules and
regulations involving sending emails in 32

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We’re the company behind doppler and lander.

Making Sense Success Stories


COPsync helps companies to
achieve better business results

Rackspace provides clients a Windows 8
app with great UX

COPsync promotes law enforcement
information sharing